Are you ready to stop yelling and start connecting?  Book a coaching session today and you will be on your way to creating a customized solution that will work for your family.


Parents can expect customized, problem-solving solutions for parenting issues specific to their family.  Some common topics include establishing routines (morning, bedtime, homework), excessive use of video games/devices, social-emotional concerns, general issues around following directions, and strategies for parent anger.

Coaching session Reviews

"Darlynn has found a way to make the impossible task of raising children become manageable.

Her methods and logic behind them are clear and easy to follow.   I immediately felt empowered and was able to work out challenging situations with my children in more effective ways."

- Tamar Hermes-Beesley

"In parenting my 8 year-old boy, I was mostly patient and kind, but sometimes I'd feel overwhelmed and snap at him.

I wondered if it was possible to stay even all the time, even when under stress. A friend invited me to a workshop with Darlynn. I was immediately inspired by her and the information, which I had never read in my self-help parenting books. I learned how to manage these moments and in doing so, listened better, disciplined in a healthier way and learned a lot about myself. The program has stuck. Darlynn is insightful, intelligent and it feels like we are all in this together. I have my Parenting the Whole Child handbook within arms reach and I continue to build on my skills as a parent.

- Dana L.

"Working with Darlynn gave me insight not only into how to address my daughter's behavior but to understand the reason behind it.

For the first time I was able to experience my little one's outbursts without feeling increasingly exacerbated. Instead, my feelings of anger and frustration were replaced with empathy and warmth. Now, that's not to say that I don't "blow it" from time to time, but now I'm able to repair that connection, whenever necessary."

- Lia Mantel

Darlynn's program is a new and fresh approach to parenting.

She has hand picked the best tools of various parenting models and tailored them into a program that emphasizes loving communication while providing grounded practicality. I have read many books and attended other parenting programs, yet neither my husband nor I have come across a program that hits all the key points of parenting the way hers does.  I was given the tools to form a stronger bond with my child, and the framework to have positive, loving communication. Now it feels like we are on the “same team” and working towards common goals, rather than the verbal power struggles and defensive rhetoric that used to bleed into our conversations. Our child continues to grow in beautiful ways towards greater self-confidence, awareness, and independence as I implement her teachings.

-Stephanie Bower


These sessions are available through video conferencing services, like Skype or Facetime.




30 minute session

60 minute session

A 4-session package


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